For Parents

We don’t just teach a subject. We serve the whole child.

Every child has different talents and needs, experiences, demands upon their time, and goals for the future. The appropriate educational services for a child must be designed to optimize both the child’s efforts and long-term outcome. We teach your child to take advantage of their strengths, and equip them with the intellectual skills and self-motivation to overcome challenges, creating sustained improvements in academic performance.

Students come to us for many reasons, such as:

  • Raising their grade in a particular subject
  • Guided work ahead of grade level in a particular subject
  • Preparation for the SAT, ACT, SSAT, and other standardized tests
  • Preparation for highly competitive colleges
  • Preparation for particular education and career paths
  • Optimizing time for academics against athletics and other extracurriculars

Academic achievement, especially sustained academic success, requires more than just knowledge of school subjects. Thus, as we teach students, we convey more than just knowledge. We also incorporate teaching:

  • Study skills
  • Test-taking skills
  • Time management
  • Self-motivation

We specialize in one-on-one tutoring, and your child will always use the same tutor for a particular subject. We do not use set curricula; instead, we customize a program for your child based on an assessment of his or her current skills and deficiencies. We use the same textbooks that your child uses at school, along with supplemental material tailored to your child’s needs. Our faculty members have post-graduate educations, have experience with special-needs populations such as the learning-disabled and profoundly gifted, and can design programs to fit any child’s needs.

A student who hopes to some day go to medical school has different needs than an aspiring future fashion designer, or a student-athlete who must ensure highly efficient use of study time to maintain high grades despite the pressures of a rigorous sports schedule. We help children make the best use of their time, so that they get the grades and test scores that they need without compromising the other things that are important to them.